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JUST RELEASED! Tim Waurick - Tribute. (available in physical and digital formats).

We in the Ambassadors of Harmony are so happy with Tim's tapes that we have hired him to update our entire repertoire. Not only does he sing every note with accuracy and perfect vocal quality he sings the songs with supreme artistry. And there's only one other person who can do that, and that's Barbara Streisand. The finished product is more musical and fun to listen to than most CDs by actual quartets.

Jim Henry
Bass, The Gas House Gang
(1993 International Quartet Champions)
Director, The Ambassadors of Harmony
(2004 International Chorus Champions)

Sean Devine
Lead, OC Times
(2008 International Quartet Champions)

Tim's learning tracks have been instrumental in OC Times' success thus far. Not only have they cut our learning time down to fractions, allowing our long distance quartet to take brand new arrangements to contest within weeks, but they have provided a professional and inspiring tool that is fun to listen to. Tim has consistently amazed our quartet not only with his level of accuracy, but even more, his artistry. OC Times can say without a doubt that most of our recent artistic development has been a direct result of Tim's creativity.

Tim, through your learning tracks you will single-handedly teach our entire society how to sing; if we'd only have the courage to really listen to your work.

Kirk Young
Music Judge

Sandy Robinson
Tenor, Brava!
(2004 SAI International Quartet Champions)
Director, Lions Gate Chorus
(SAI 2004 Region 26 Champions)
SAI Approved Sound Judge
SAI International Faculty
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tim Waurick is Lions Gate Chorus' new best friend! He did the learning tracks for our new contest uptune, a very difficult Clay Hine chart, and my chorus has never learned a song faster or with more accuracy than they did with Tim's learning tracks. Tim is extremely rhythmically precise, he fine-tunes every chord to the point of ringing some screamin' overtones, and his range is unbelievable. This talented young man could medal in a SAI international contest all by himself! I would highly recommend Tim's learning tracks for anyone to use. He is worth his weight in gold ... medals!

Tim recently made a learning track for our chorus. It was amazing to see the learning curve once the members were given the CD. Tim not only created an incredibly accurate, high-level product, but he did so in a very short amount of time. The chorus' music team is confident that had Tim not provided this tool, our chorus would probably not have been able to take this challenging David Wright arrangement to contest.

Shawn York
Tenor, OC Times
(2008 International Quartet Champions)
Music & Performance VP,
Westminster, CA Chapter

Richard Lewellen
Baritone - Four Aces
Director - East Aurora Friends Of Harmony
Singing Judge

Tim, I don't know if you're aware what a difference you make in the lives of a lot of barbershoppers. They're having a much more rewarding experience because they ENJOY learning their music so much. They're willing to do a huge number of reps because they're having such a great time listening to your incredible recordings.

Tim's recordings are excellent. He is certainly one of the very best vocalists in barbershop. This together with his range, accuracy, and attention to detail enable him to produce learning files of superb quality for men's or womens's arrangements. We strongly recommend Tim.

Sandi & David Wright

Rick "Darth" Veder
10 Year “Masters Of Harmony” Tenor,
24 Year Barbershopper & 4 Time Gold Medal Winner!

The learning tracks that you made for us of our newest David Wright masterpiece "Go Down, Moses" were just unbelievable! As I'm sure that you are aware, David doesn't know how to arrange an easy tune. But who would want that anyway? And this tune was definitely no exception. But the funny thing about it this time, was that this tune was simple to learn in spite of its complexity. I am SURE that your learning tracks are the biggest part of that! Not only did you have the words & notes nailed down, but I'd say that most of the great "interp" that you used is what our director Mark Hale has chosen to go with. Normally, at least for myself, I use the learning tracks to learn a new song, usually within the first week. Then after that, I only use it now & then to polish occasionally to keep up on things. But I find that I cannot take the Go Down, Moses CD out of my player. I just keep listening to it over & over & over. This is not learning CD quality - this is as if it came right off of a CD for sale!

Last night at rehearsal, something happened that I thought was very cool and I wanted to share it with you. I made a CD of the songs you sent me and played it for the guys. We are very fortunate that our rehearsal hall has a pretty good stereo system with some pretty big speakers. After explaining to the guys what I was about to play for them, I cranked it up and let it rip. The first song I played was "Smile Medley". As soon as the song started, I could see the looks on the guys faces as they were totally blown away by what they were listening to. As you got closer to the tag, I could sense the excitement in the air. The atmosphere was kind of like sitting at an International contest and watching and listening to the, soon-to-be crowned champs hit a home run. We continued to listen to the rest of the songs with much of the same reaction. The last song I played for them was "Once Upon A Time". You had them on the edge of their seats. When you got to the tag, you could feel the excitement in the room starting to build. As soon as the song ended, and with out missing a beat, the chorus erupted in thunderous applause. All this from a learning CD! When the meeting was finally over, I had guys coming up to me and shaking my hand thanking me for finding you and making all the arrangements to provide them a learning CD of such high quality. You are a big hit in Fresno, and you made me look like a hero. Just thought you would like to know the fruits of your labor.

Eric P. Essayan
Musical Director
"Gold Note Chorus"
Fresno, Ca

Aaron Dale
Music Judge

Tim's learning tracks sound like an "A" level quartet! He works with you up front to get your desired style and interp, then turns around and nails it on a recording that blows you away! He's recorded several of my arrangements; each with incredible artistry and accuracy, along with an amazing ring!....a championship sound we all hope to create.

In our small chapter chorus, a majority of the members are not fluent music readers. The learning tracks that Tim provides us are one of the best investments we have ever made. We now have close to 30 songs on learning tracks. And the guys are learning their new charts in a fraction of the time. The quality of Tim's performance as he sings these tracks and the quality of sound in the technical recordings are of such a high level that they give the guys an exceptional learning tool. The well-tuned chords and the expertly executed word sounds combine to give the listener an outstanding role model. While using these learning tracks, the quality of our singing has made noticeable improvement. Tim makes every effort to understand the interpretation that I want for every song. And he applies whatever plan I provide him to each set of learning tracks. The breath marks, the phrasing, the dynamics, the tempo, they're all on the tracks. This greatly reduces the "up front" learning time when I'm teaching the chorus an interpretive plan on a new song. Since Tim's prices are very reasonable, we are fortunate that the chapter continues to be able to cover the expense. But our members have become so convinced of their usefulness that they have offered to pay for them out of pocket rather than ever having to give up their "TimTrax", as we've begun to call them, and the guys just simply wouldn't do without them. I've coached quartets and choruses, I've been on faculty at Apple Corps, (JAD HEP school), and I've directed for nearly 40 years. Tim's learning tracks are the single best tool I've encountered for helping singers learn new music and learn it correctly.

Dan Tice
Director, Clarksburg-Fairmont Mountainaires
Five consecutive years as Small Chorus Champions
JAD Director of the Year
JAD District Quartet Champion

Mike McKim
Baritone - Upstarts
Baritone - Abbotsford Voices of Harmony

I would highly recommend Tim Waurick's learning tapes for anyone. From a music VP wishing to introduce new arrangements to his chorus, to a quartet learning a new contest or show piece, to individual singers wishing to improve their own craft and knowledge of singing, Tim's tapes are a great asset. Personally, I know that using Tim's tapes over the last few years has certainly improved my barbershop knowledge and abilities. As opposed to traditional learning tapes, Tim takes a piece of music and adds life to it; coupled with excellent craft and incredibly clean singing he produces some of the best tapes I've ever heard. If you want your chorus or quartet to improve their general barbershop knowledge while learning new music, seriously consider using Tim to produce your learning tapes.

Tim, I played your master mix (all parts) of "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" at the Chapter Board Meeting last nite & after everyone had retrieved their chins from the floor, all agreed it was one of the most exciting Barbershop recordings they had ever heard!! Thanks for making me look like a genius!!!

Will Hamblet
Music V.P.
South Bay Coastliners
Redondo Beach, CA

Steve Cox
four blokes singin'

Hi Tim Just had to mail you to say thanks for the superb learning tracks. This is, as you know a very challenging arrangement, and the clarity and consistency of the four parts on the learning tracks is unbelievable! It is in addition extremely valuable to have a meaningful interp to work with, as well as "notes and words". They are going to make our learning task much less difficult and much more enjoyable, and in addition, where else can we get to sing quartet with an International Gold Medalist??!! With thanks and best wishes

Hi Tim ~ I wanted to take a moment today to thank your for sharing your talents through your learning tape business. All singers know the difference between singing the right notes and singing well. Through your talent, education, attention to detail and refined artistry with Vocal Spectrum you teach your listeners with every repetition of the learning track. I've improved my sound by matching your quality. Our chorus basses are learning to improve focus, clarity, rhythm and of course--sing every correct note and word. You're one in a million and we're delighted you are part of the barbershop community!!

Tina Knipp
Bass Section Leader
St. Louis Harmony Chorus